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Cardinals Tickets for Blog Readers

Shameless plug here - I have four tickets for a Thursday, August 4th baseball game between the Cardinals and the Marlins at Busch Stadium (7:10 p.m.).

If you are a hiring manager that knows me, and you want the tickets, just put a note in the comments with your first name and initial and I will call you and get the tickets to you.

Yes - I am blegging you to take these tickets if you read my blog.  That's how cool I am .

Play ball!

Internet Marketing Job

Pay per click guru - position is in Southern Illinois.

Responsible for management of pay per click campaigns for both MonsterCommerce and client web sites. Ability to analyze statistics, produce reports and act on findings is required. Qualified candidates will have 2-5 years of account executive/internet marketing experience with an in depth knowledge of the Pay Per Click arena.

Salary in the 40’s.  Send me a note at if you're interested.

Fake Job Posting Sites

Fascinating, this posting from Joel Cheesman on Grey Marketing - which is a scam group trying to get resume information from unsuspecting jobseekers.

Also important is the recognition of something called Skiptracing, which is the use of some bits of your information to build out an entire profile on you for identity theft.

IMPORTANT LESSON:  Never send in information to someone blind off an e-mail.  If you have not spoken to a recruiter, don't give them your resume.  Don't click Apply Online, don't send in resumes to people you don't know, and for goodness sakes don't put too much information on your resume.

Safety first, people.   Hat-tip George's Employment Blawg

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They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

Referrals.  The lifeblood of any social network.  The business plan for    I'm unconvinced that LinkedIn is more than a bunch of super-networkers linking to each other, but I'm open to change, and something I saw yesterday was interesting.

A contractor in St Louis with 15 years of experience at all of the major companies is a LinkedIn guru, with 14 referrals matching up to his employment over the years.  I was searching for a Siebel programmer, and this person was not a fit, but his profile was really impressive.

The contractor sent LinkedIn Invitations to each of this employers asking for a referral.  Thus when you pull up his work profile, you can see that he has an active network of people who are wiling to vouch for him.  That's a good candidate, and if you're a professional contractor, contact me and I'll show you how this is done. It will get you work.

And if you're just looking for an invitation, drop me a note in the comments or send me an e-mail at

Java programmer - a real Java programmer

A manager came up to me last week and asked me if I knew a Java programmer who could come in, crank out code, and be happy doing that for a year.

It's a tough call, because everyone good is of the opinion that they should be architects or team lead or managers, not heads-down coders.

And most heads-down coders don't have the skills. But I'm looking, and I'm going to approach it like this.  I'm not giving you a job description.  They aren't accurate most of the time, as most of the time they weren't written specifically for the job you are applying for!

So if I find the right person, you won't get submitted and get an interview - you'll get an introduction and a chance to discuss what you will be doing, not what your resume says you have done. 

So this is the description - if it's you, or you know someone who will do it, I'll find you a job.  Referral bonus of $1,000 for referrers.

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E-Business Hiring - Guest Post

This article was written by Lance Schneider, Founder of, a Webtracking and Website analytics company. He can be reached at

Hiring the Right People to Manage the e-Business Unit of a Company is Tricky

Here Are Some Tips on What to Look for, and Why it’s So Important…

The technical revolution is still in full swing.  In fact, most business-to-business companies are just now getting their heads around what it means to be an electronic enabled company.  But hiring the right people to head up this transformation can be daunting.  For instance, current figures show that 90-95% of all new business your company receives will touch your Website in some way.  85% will come to your site directly as a result of an Internet search, and the other 5-10% will go to your site just to ‘check you out’ as a result of another marketing, sales or word of mouth campaign.  These numbers cannot be ignored.  Neither can the numbers and information being generated behind the scenes.

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Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands

Went to Target this weekend to purchase a shower caddy. And some dish soap. I was given the privilege, nay, the responsibility to purchase dishwashing liquid for our new condo.

I chose ultra Palmolive - original. I'm looking at it right now.

It's the green bottle, but it has some extra stickers. I was sufficiently disturbed by the stickers, that I tried to call them on the number provided (800-338-8388). They weren't open on a Sunday, but they do have a nice number for the Colgate Medical Emergency team in case someone drank it.

I was left with a note to Colgate-Palmolive that I submitted on the website, and I'd like to share it with you.

"I purchased this product at a Target in Chesterfield today, and was struck by something on the package. I purchased, Ultra Palmolive, with a pink banner on the bottom saying, "original." One would assume this meant the original formula for Palmolive was the one I was purchasing. To my surprise and dismay, there was another message on the label -"New Improved."

Now maybe this seems obvious, but if a product is indeed "original," it seems impossible for it to also be "new improved."

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My Recruiter and Me.

What are the expectations for a jobseeker in picking a recruiter? What are a recruiter's responsbilities, and what can you expect?

Heres' a short guide to making sure that you and your recruiter are on the same page.

1) Your recruiter is payed by the employer. That means despite what the literature might say, the recruiter's first and most important concern is filling open positions for that employer. Finding you a job is the result of their work, not the purpose of the work. That's hard to internalize, but if you approach a recruiter and expect them to find you a job, chances are you're going to be disappointed.

2) A recruiter has the responsibility to be honest with you - they should be telling you the truth about your skills, your experience, and you pay rate as it pertains to their client. If you are finding that a recruiter simply will not give you this advice, the answer is there is something about your employment situation that prevents them from submitting you to their client. This does not mean that you are a bad employee or a bad person - it does mean that you might not be a fit for their client.

3) If a recruiter tells you that you can't make the money you want, what they really mean is their client is not going to pay you the money you want. This does not mean that there is not a job that pays more - it means the job they ar considering you for does not pay for.

4) A good recruiter wants to meet you. They must have met with the client. If they have not met with the client, your submittal is called "throwing paper up against the wall." It's not a very good way to go about getting a position.

5) Personal attention is nice. Don't mistake personal attention for a successful recruiter. Just because someone takes a lot of time with you and calls you back every day and responds to every e-mail doesn't mean they know what they're doing. The perfect corollary is in sales. The manager who always has time to meet with you and always picks up the phone probably isn't the one who has the authority to buy your product. The same is true for recruiters. Busy recruiters make time for candidates - it is their job. Recruiters who spend all day with candidates who they never place, quickly go out of business. Think of it this way. If you spend 3 hours with a recruiter and he or she never gets you a position, how do you feel? So if you spend 3 hours with a recruiter, and then take a a different job offer than the recruiter's, do you compensate the recruiter for his or her time? Of course not.

6) Recruiters, the best ones, make it clear that they are human beings who make mistakes. The ideal relationship is one of synergy, not competition. You should feel comfortable speaking to your recruiter and getting timely feedback. You should feel comfortable signing an offer with them long before that offer comes. And you should remember that at the end of the day, the way we treat each other is far more important than the end result of a job search.

What are they saying about me?

Regina Miller points to a couple of posts on interview experiences by technical people.

It's a subject near and dear to my heart, as I think companies, and more specifically, managers are going to have to quickly come to terms with the idea that their hiring practices can now be broadcast to the world.

Employer Reputation has always been a buzzword, usually defined to "Employer of Choice," but if you are a manager in St Louis having troubles getting the talent you are looking for, you ought to think about 1) doing a search on your company and your name, and 2) asking your preferred recruiters the hard question - HOW AM I PERCEIVED? 

Your career may just depend on it.

St Louis recruiting websites. - Great tech site. -
Monster - the largest, a true monster in posting and searching resumes - a must, but easy to get lost.
Hotjobs - which is Yahoo.
Careerbuilder, which is the old headhunter.

The metasearch engine, indeed. - Just kidding - nice that they took the name with no content.

Post Dispatch and Suburban Journals Classifieds - worth a shot, and still a good source for entry level positions.

Whatever this is, it needs to stop

St Louis Employment Guide, which I think is the thing you pick up for free next to the Riverfront Times.

This is supposed to tell you how to pick you job site.

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