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Bad News Bears and Blogging

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I read Hugh Hewitt's book on blogs. It was well written for those who don't understand blogs, but nothing new to someone familiar with blogs. His facts were straight on and his chapter on blogging recommendations is a must read.

What Hugh did exceptionally well was explain what was why blogs are important, citing Pope Leo and the Reformation. Blogs are the new Gutenberg printing press. That's a tough sell in person.

I've had a terrible time trying to explain blogs to friends, family and clients over the last four years.
The responses I've received are:
1) Everything you read on the Internet is untrustworthy
2) No one who works has time to blog
4) Teenagers and cat-bloggers are a waste of time.
5) There's no accountability.
6) It's like Usenet or Yahoo groups
7) It's a fad.

What's tough about these responses is they are accurate for large portions of the blogosphere. Considering the number of blogs started and stopped, and the average age of bloggers hovering around 15, and the number of people how either "have" a blog, or "know a person with a blog," it's little wonder that such disparaging remarks are the normal response.

Then again - perhaps blogger triumphalism is a victim of it's own success. If I tell you blogs brought down Dan Rather, and the only blog you've ever read is your 13 year old daughter's, you're going to be skeptical. Of course if I told you the television is the number one way that people get their news and all you have is the Public Access channel or daytime soaps, you might be skeptical about television. If I told you newspaper reporters brought down a President, and the only paper read was the back pages of the Riverfront Times, you might be skeptical.

So let's compare apples to apples. Blogs are little league baseball, and the Mainstream Media is professional baseball.

So - blogs are Little League baseball, complete with screaming parents, crying kids, ice cream, warm sodas after the game, and marketing campaigns that sell chocolate to raise funds.

Mainstream Media is Professional Baseball, with lucrative television contracts, revenue-sharing, stadiums, and the world's best athletes. There's no contest right?

Little Leaguers dream of the big leagues - the fame, the fortune, the respect. They know the big leagues require more effort, more training and they deliver a better product. They know they have to work their way up through high school ball, the minors, and finally to the majors. That's the same as the blogs. Leaching off hyperlinks and commenting on the bigs like Maureen Dowd and George Will and Thomas Sowell, blogs started off as the Little Leagues - and some started out as teeball, or quit after one game.

But some had real talent, and a heck of a learning curve. And the fans of Little League prefer the pureness, the authenticity if you will of the sport over the overhyped professionalism of the big leagues.

Before Trent Lott and Howell Raines figured it out, the blogs had exposed them and started to realize their potential. When Dan Rather happened along, we suddenly had the blogosphere vs the Mainstream Media.

Dan Rather's Memogate was the New York Yankees vs the Bad News Bears. And the most amazing thing happened.

The Bad New Bears got base hits. They struck out Derek Jeter. They scored a couple of runs - and they won the game. And they started crowing about it.

The MSM and it's fans struck back, belittling blogs and their supporters like Yankees fans deriding a Little League Team. Yes, it's true the Yankees of the Media dominate for the rest of the season. But what does it say about the Yankees that blogs could get base hits and score runs, much less win the game? It means that either the blogs have more talent than expected, or the MSM has a lot less than it thought.

If there was a Little League team that could score on the Yankees, it wouldn't mean that all Little Leaguers could. It sure would mean that those Little Leaguers had a lot of talent.

And one more thing. Little Leaguers eventually grow up. What's going to happen when they play those same MSM Yankees in twenty years?

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Leading St Louis Blawgs

Dennis Kennedy is a blogging lawyer in St Louis, one of a popular group if I understand links correctly.

Matthew Homman is another. Matthew and Dennis have a very interesting idea called LexThink, where blawggers get together and brainstorm ideas for companies. There's a post up on what they did for a company called LegalMatch after Matthew was contacted to discuss a negative post.

This is the transparency we're talking about. Companies seeking to improve their product can only benefit from seeking out the conversations LegalMatch should be applauded and an enterprising journalist should be following up on the story.

Or maybe I will.

Monster Blog Searches

Search results on Monster for the word, "blog"
66 resumes with the word "blog" somewhere in the text posted in the last month on Monster nationwide.

0 resumes posted in the last month in St Louis  with the word blog.
1 in last three months, 3 in the last year.

 639 active postings in the last year nationwide with the word blog.

Jobs Posted with the Word Blog:
St Louis: 1
Nationwide: 24

Companies will blog - I know many that do - but it's not reflected in our resumes or in our job postings.

In a technology economy, one does not look for a demand to supply.

One must create it.


Streamserve needed.

Streamserve.  Do you know anyone who does it.  I have a client who wants me to find them someone with Streamserve experience, but it's more of a part-time or phone support gig.

If you have worked on Steamserve applications or know someone who has who can pick up part-time work or consulting off-site, please send me an e-mail to and I'll get you in touch with the manager directly.

Social Networking Presentation

Wondering what you missed at the last Stl Mgmt meeting? Here's a teaser.

Outline: -Overview of Social Networks, some examples from life science/food companies. -Utilizing social network analysis in supply chain optimization. -What types of social networks operate in your business (linear/modular/flexible)? -How effective is your social networking? -Conversations, e-mails, meetings, monthly/milestone reports. More teasers below the fold:

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The networking meeting went very well.

We had 11 people from 11 different companies in St Louis meet to listen to a lecture and discuss the topic of Social Networks and Supply Chain Optimization last Friday.  I'll get the text up later this week - and this week, I'll be sending out interview requests and try to get a few managers to post on a topic here.

Good News on the employment front - as offers for 2005 grads move up the salary chart.  And if you're curious about this employee blogging thing -check out there two links.

George Lenard, with an employment lawyers' take. (part of a series)

My post on corporate blogging as a conversation.

Site Changes

Don't forget that I've been posting Recruiting and Employment Topics at  This site will be primarily St Louis-centric topics:

Interviews with local managers, cool things going on at St Louis companies, job postings when I need to, and the occasional humor piece to spike it up.

We'll have a major site design soon by my lovely and talented fiancee, with her skills and portfolio for interactive design work at .

Eventually, my company may allow me to be their web presence in St Louis - but for right now, I'll still be the information hub for recruiting.

The text of the Stl Mgmt Networking meeting will be up next week.

Customer Service Dead

What's following is a factual representation of how a sporting goods store failed to satisfy a customer.  The store?  Dick's Sporting Goods in the West County
.  Their failure?  Treating customers as expendable.  This is an eyewitness account of how not to keep customers.

A friend of went to Dick's Sporting Goods to purchase an elliptical trainer on 05/08/05 to purchase the Horizon Fitness CSE3 Club Series Elliptical trainer.  They browsed the fitness department for about ten minutes while a group of sales people congregated at a checkout, chatting.  When someone did come offer, they found out that the model they sought was not in stock.  The salesperson offered to sell them a broken floor model of the Horizon  Elliptical trainer...

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StlMgmt Networking - May 20th

For those of you cool enoughto be a part of it, don't forget that May 20th is the next StlMgmt Networking Group.

We have a dual-Phd whose coming in to give us a mini-lecture on the "science of networks" and how it affects our business decisions.

Topics in July and August will be Security and the ongoing requirements of Sarbannes-Oxley.